• Townsville Pressure Cleaning Pricing

    17 September at 21:46 from atlas

    There are many factors that go into determining the price we charge for our concrete cleaning and pressure cleaning services.

      The type of concrete surface that is to be cleaned: Is it plain finished concrete or exposed aggregate?

      How big is the area that needs to be cleaned?

      Is it just mould and dirt to be pressure cleaned? Are there many rust or oil stains? Is there a lot of chewing gum needing to be removed?

      Will cold-water pressure cleaning give good results or does hot water/steam pressure cleaning need to be used to give the best results?

      How is the wastewater to be controlled?  Does it need to be recovered and filtered or can it be discharged to the landscape?

      Is this a one off clean or part of a schedule maintenance-cleaning program?

    $1.00m2 is our basic unit pressure-washing price with discount offered for large area and schedule maintenance cleaning.

    $1.20 m2 for water/steam pressure cleaning and $1.50 m2 for hot water and vacuum recovery.

    All prices are GST exclusive and are only a pricing guideline. Actual quotes may vary.